As I look to the almost winter sky and see the enviable birds migrate to better lands, my wife and I await the outcome of my migration…

Last week we filed for a green card. The hope is that migrating from England, I can live semi-permanently here in the US without all the red-tape. This process is long but full of hope for a better way. But it’s not just in this season or circumstances of my life.

Migration and better ways seem to be the buzz topic of our world.

Whether it’s Obama’s slogan, the media coverage of Pope Francis, the Exodus of those affected by Isis and Ebola, or the democratic search for permaculture and sustainable energy. Change, migration, better ways seem to be on everyones mind. And social media isn’t exempt.

Social media is searching for a better way.

Enter Tsu. Tsu (pronounced ‘Sue’) is a social media platform similar to Facebook that hit the interwebz on Oct 14th 2014. It’s one of many new social media platforms that are attempting to challenge the status quo.

Tsu’s paradigm has the potential to be a game changer. Simply put it is a social media platform that pays you. But don’t get starry eyed, this is no get rich quick scheme. It’s a point of justice in the world of social media.

Take Facebook for example. Facebook annual revenue $5bn. Have you ever thought how that is made? You’re probably thinking “everyone knows that, Facebook makes it’s money through ads and promoting posts etc”. Yes, true, but how do they make that money? Where is the value generated from?

The value is in what you DO on these platforms.

A scary thought huh?

Every time you like, comment, share, re-share, post or view anything through Facebook YOU generate an “economic value” and facebook makes money.

Everything you do in Facebook has a figure attached and Facebook takes 100%.

That means:

100% of $5bn a year for Facebook.

0% of $5bn a year for YOU.

Facebook shares your information with advertising agencies. They sell YOU. Your preferences, your “likes”, your “shares”. Then those companies specifically cater ads to your likings.

Facebook makes money from their product which is YOU, while giving others power to make money from you too through advertising.

But this is all changing with Tsu. Tsu’s unique selling point is putting value back into your hands.

The same economic value that you generate through use of Facebook is still generated on Tsu. Only Tsu keeps 10% and redistribute the other 90% through a royalty system. Tsu uses a Multi Level Marketing model. I think this is clever because entering a saturated market the MLM model encourages users to invite others to migrate to Tsu.

It’s like facebook but, every time you like, comment, share, re-share, post or view anything on Tsu YOU keep 90% of the generated economic value.

This is no get rich quick scheme. In reality this is mere tuppence.

You might make a nickel a day, a quarter if you’re lucky. A dollar if you have influence.

But thats not the point. This is not about making money per se. It’s about the hope of a better, more just way… It’s about Facebook not making money from treating YOU merely as their product.

I’ve been using Tsu for a little over a week. It’s pretty exciting and promises a hope for better lands. Tsu has the following competitive features:

It’s free and pays you. It’s browser and phone app based. It has really handy built-in analytics. It looks and feels a lot like Facebook. You can connect (and get paid) to post to your favorite social media sites. And all the cool kids are using it.

But will it really succeed? Here are my predictions of the possible outcomes:

  1. Tsu will flop.
  2. Tsu will succeed and Facebook will join Myspace in the “has-been”
  3. Tsu will succeed and Facebook will shift its paradigm to a royalty based system in an attempt to compete.

Witnessing it’s growth first hand and supporting something that doesn’t treat its users as merely products is rewarding. The more I use it, the more it annoys me to use other non-royalty social media.

The migration is happening. Waves and waves of people are joining every day, the servers are overwhelmed. Based on this I believe it is likely NOT to flop.

The hype from the “Tsunation” (the hashtag everyone on Tsu seems to employ) currently is:

Facebook will join the ranks of myspace. Now thats a big claim.

While I don’t necessarily foresee this happening overnight, I do think there is the beginnings of an Exodus, a migration. Over the next weeks, months and years I expect to see more flocking to this land flowing with digital milk and binary honey.

I’m sure Facebook will have something to say about this. But perhaps this is our opportunity influence social media as a whole to shift to a better way.

We can take the power back and stand against merely being a value-generating-product for companies that don’t care. What are some changes you’d like to see?

Tsu is invite only (based on its MLM marketing). But, If you want to be apart of this exciting movement, you can join me by following this link: